desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maggie's Story

It’s such a girl thing to name a Harley I suppose.
None-the-less it just seemed the right thing to do.

I wasn’t looking to spend $16,000 that day when Dave & I walked into the Harley dealership, in fact I’m one of the “thriftiest” people I know, but there she was front & center all dressed out in massive amounts of chrome & black leather. 

I SWEAR I heard a voice say…”Hi, my name is Maggie.  I’ve been waiting for you.”
And so it began …. Maggie and Me on a 5 ½ year road trip.

Now I won’t go on an epic tangent here about every mile and/or experience we shared because those of you who ride or ridden “get it” but to those of you who haven’t been “called” to the experience I’ll try to condense a novel full of emotion into a few paragraphs.

Learning to ride 725 pounds of machinery is no small task for a 130 pounder but my tenacious nature stepped up, David’s extreme patience stood beside me and slowly Maggie and Me learned to dance in-step.  I have a scar or two and Maggie has some scratched chrome as evidence of the learning curve but 17,000 miles later we wear them all with pride. 

Out of dozens, I’m going to share 2 Maggie and Me moments that will forever be with me.

Dave & I were somewhere in mid Arizona, near the New Mexico border, on the return trip from a group ride we’d taken to Colorado.   It was a warm late June afternoon, sunshine gradually being overtaken by rolling monsoon rain clouds.  On a long empty road on Reservation Land, just us, the wind, the sun being challenged by summer storms and open Arizona landscape for as far as the eye can see.  For a moment the 2 most brilliant sun dogs I’ve ever witnessed graced opposing sides of the sun.  We just beat the rain to a motel that day. 

I have no idea where we were in Idaho, just that our return trip from Northern Montana through Yellowstone had been modified because of predictions of snow in the park.  Again, miles of open empty road leading to distant mountains, surrounded by acres and acres of wild sage.  A late summer rain had preceded us and the air was drenched with the scent of warm, wet wild sage. 

The only way I can think of to describe the feeling of each experience is this……

If one could touch the Face of God …. It would feel like that.

Fast forward to the decision to sell the bikes and I won’t get into the reasoning just that it’s time to switch gears & I’m OK with that. 

You may think I’m loopy but I made sure I “released” any mental/emotional resistance I may be hanging onto concerning the sale.  I’ve come to believe that the mind rules all things and if your mind isn’t traveling the same road as your physical “self” nothing goes as planned!

Bikes were listed for sale for a week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks and more and no legit responses. 
I dropped my price twice, still no bites.

Then a thought occurred to me that perhaps me being at peace parting with Maggie wasn't enough...perhaps she needed to know it was OK wrote this down in the journal entry below:

“March 1, 2014

Now if I could just get Maggie sold my “material” side could rest. 

It occurred to me that maybe Maggie is waiting for permission to be released.  I know I’m a bit loopy but hey….don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

So both mentally and now via writing I am whole-heartedly and lovingly giving Maggie permission to roll on to another owner ASAP…….

And so it is…….”

Maggie sold 3 days later to the perfect couple who were thrilled to have her.

Maggie and Me touched the Face of God one more time as we parted yesterday and even though the empty space next to the motorhome brought a tear to my eye this morning I know we both have many, many, many rides before us in ways we haven’t even yet begun to imagine.

And so it is…..


  1. Very touching, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You know we're right there along with you traveling this road, and we understand what our minds can do. May you travel your road in peace. Hugs, D & T

    1. See you both soon fellow road warriors!

  2. So, if I may, I would like to say that a single tear falls as you release Maggie. I remember the day you bought her; you called me and said "I have to tell you something. You will never believe what I just did". I remember thinking "OMG, something is really wrong". I did sit down by the way, as you explained to me that you had just walked into the Harley store, saw her sitting there and said "She's the one". Then made the purchase. I think we both exclaimed "OMG" over and over, at least three or four times! You then proceeded to tell me you had already named her, "Maggie", (you hadn't even brought her home yet) it just seemed right. And that, it certainly was.
    Something that still makes me giggle a little when I think of it is, when you first got to bring Maggie home and she trapped you against the wall of your garage, you called me (if I remember right) to tell me you were trapped, but not to come because you had to learn how to get yourself out from under her. There was a special "technique", you said, but just incase, then someone should know where you are. I was worried, proud and of course laughing my head off!!! (remember here, I am the strangest person you know). A few minutes later, you called again, a bit worn out, a bit exasperated and a whole lotta proud. I felt proud to call you friend that day and more comfortable about welcoming Maggie into the fold. Boy have our lives changed since that time girl. So glad Maggie got to be a part of your change, she is so much like you, where change can be hard but, you cannot quiet an adventurous's just time for a new ride on a different road. Love ya friend...and thanks for hangin Maggie...

    1. I remember those days well Miss Amy...Us crazy ladies on Garden Street!:-)
      Yes our lives certainly have changed but the crazy part??? Not so much! Thanks goodness! Love ya Girlfriend xo

  3. Beautiful. Been through that with all my bikes. I may have let go, but thirty years later I still miss them all.

  4. Ahh Morgan, I knew if anyone would "get it" you certainly would. ;-) Keep makin' your beautiful music My Friend.