desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The last 2 days we were privileged to spend time with 2 marvelous fellow full-time RV’ers Tom & Dianne.

Almost exactly a year ago we met at an Escapee’s campground in Congress, Arizona.

 We were fellow attendees at a “RV Boot Camp” weekend where newbies  like ourselves gather in hopes of absorbing info from RV experts that hopefully will make the journey into RV-ism a bit less traumatic by soaking up info from those who’ve “been there – done that”. 

A year ago we shared cocktails and munchies and vowed to stay in touch via Facebook and blogs…and that we did. 

Both Dianne and myself chronicle our RV travels via a blog. 

She skillfully writes informative descriptions of where they travel, who they encounter and LOTS of awesome pics of it all! 

I on the other hand, ramble on about personal mish-mash with a few pictures and a few references to where we are and what we’re doing….or not doing. 

But it has allowed us to remain in touch and lo and behold, she and Tom took time to be our “neighbors” for a few days so we could do some real ol’-fashioned face-time instead of Face-book time. 

As much as I value Facebook & blogs for the ability to stay moderately in touch with those I’m distant from….nothing, let me repeat that….. NOTHING is a substitute for sitting together and having a REAL conversation, sharing a meal and even more important….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is equal to a real-time hug. 

Love technology but we must all remember it is not even close to an equal to the Real Thing.  Human-to-Human exchange of conversation, touch and the breaking of bread between others.  They are the most powerful ties that bind…hands down.

Last night after a tasty meal at a local Bar-B-Que restaurant we agreed to meet in the morning before they took off into the sunset for coffee. 

Dianne had some cookies left over from a coffee we shared earlier in the day.

I had brownies left over from dinner the night before.

So it was jointly decided that our morning-before-their-parting should be a feast of fresh brewed coffee, cookies and brownies. 
And so it was …. And so we did.

I highly recommend fresh brewed coffee, cookies and brownies for breakfast….and lunch …and dinner.

Happy and safe travels my friends….

Talk, Hug and share meals often with whomever whenever you can.

It’s good for the Spirit, feeds the Body and honors the Soul. 

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  1. Oh, you dear sweet friends! What fun to read your post after a very busy day!!! We ate our leftover BBQ dinner (yum!), had finished putting our Costco purchases away, set up our lawn chairs in the generator service yard where we are parked for the night, poured some margaritas and watched the beautiful sunset. Then, your FB message appeared... we were SO touched by your words! And, YES, what a joy to share visits and hugs with you both these past few days! A special time to reconnect, and enjoy coffee, cookies and brownies for breakfast just because WE CAN! Thank you both for dinner at your place the first night, and for taking time to make us feel so welcome... now we truly can't wait for you to visit us this summer! It was a great time, and we look forward to staying connected and planning for the next time! Be well, and don't worry about a plan... THIS is the plan! Hugs to you both! D & T