desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friends - Family- Birthdays - Flu

Been totally ignoring my blog.  MY BAD!

Busy can’t even begin to describe the last few months.  I swear time has ramped up to “warp speed” without my permission which really pisses me off! 

I guess whatever Power greater than myself is in charge of time keeping doesn’t feel the need to consult ME on the subject!!  WHATEVER! 

It’s been a great combo of work time, volunteer work time, visits from family and friends and beginning to wrap our minds about leaving in mid-April.

First, we had a great time with our Prescott friends Frank & Elizabeth who were only here for one quick night but we got in a much needed visit which was totally awesome. 

Secondly, Mom, daughter Jenn, adopted daughter Kate and adopted grandkids Kenna & Quinn come on Mom’s birthday and of course a party took place complete with Costco hot dogs, chips, onion chip dip, Birthday Cake & PRESENTS! 
All an 80-year old could ever want!!  
A GREAT time was had by all!!
Mom spent 3 nights with us and Dave came down with Influenza A the first day she was here. 
Of course none of us had gotten flu shots but the Health Angels were with us and we all dodged the Influenza A flu bug. 
Thanks to a visit to Urgent Care and meds Dave has recovered and lived to celebrate his 61st Birthday Febr. 12th!  
This auspicious occasion was spent at the Pima Air & Space Museum which was a perfect 75 degree Southern Arizona winter day! 
Again we lunched on hot dogs & fries at the museum restaurant (do they have a 10-step program for hot dog addicts???)  and the grand finale of the day was a 10-million calorie Cold Stone Creamery concoction on the way home (THANKS Jenn for the Cold Stone gift cert. for Christmas!!!)  

I spent one fine day having lunch with a marvelous lady whom I’ve known nearly my whole 60 years.  We have shared classrooms both in grade school, junior high, senior high and walked upon the same stage to receive our high school diplomas.  From there we went our separate ways, she to nursing school and then on to Arizona.  Myself…well I’m a slow bloomer and it took me til 1996 to become an Arizonian.  And so she asks me, “how did we get this old???”  To which I replied, “I’ll be damned if I know!”   

Next….an upcoming visit with fellow full-time RVer’s Tom & Dianne the last week in Febr!  YAY!

Between all the “fun” stuff there’s daily life here in the park.  Scrubbin’ shower walls & toilet bowls, pickin’ up trash & trimin’ back brush from trails, sellin’ folks ice cream, drinks, t-shirts and tourist trinkets in the tiny trailhead gift shop. 

Conversations with folks from the bone-freezin’ cold of Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and everywhere in-between, sunburned, sweating and giddy Arizona sun-drunk … smilin’ from ear to sunburned ear.  Knowing they are going back to below zero wind chills, snow drifts and icy roads but content because they know their sunny memories will keep them warm until Spring arrives. 

Even though time recklessly flails about without my consent I must admit it’s all been time most well spent! 

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