desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bitter Sweet

Our stay at Catalina State Park is half over ALREADY!!

3 months down … 3 to go.

I have to admit my gypsy side is getting a bit antsy and as I see folks come and go feel a twinge of envy.  

But….the weather forecast for the next 10 days is 70+ degrees and if ya gotta be sittin’ still this is the place to be! 

We’re looking forward to a summer of travel instead of “volunteering” once our gig is up here.  

Southern California 1st for a retirement party and family wedding, heading Nashville way next to visit daughter #1 then depending on time of year and winter weather … further East to New Hampshire to visit daughter #2 and family.  Oh yeah, along the way have to spend some time in Wyoming visiting fellow RV’ers Tom and Dianne!!!  We’re also seriously thinking about returning to Catalina State Park next winter.  We’ll see what comes our way in the mean time.  

Since this will be our first experience as authentic foot loose and fancy free travelers (no bathroom cleaning to do but our own!) we feel the need to simplify our entourage of vehicles to slim down the fuel costs & get ME in the motorhome passenger seat.  So….the trailer and bikes are going on the “For Sale” block and the pick-up also since it’s not a towable vehicle.  Then after finding another vehicle that can be towed and tow gear we’re good to go!

Yeah the bikes will be missed and there truly is nothing like a bike on the open road ….truly.  It is a bitter sweet decision for sure.  But truth be told, we wouldn’t likely ride a lot while traveling and the extra expense of towing them all over the country AND driving the pickup just doesn’t make financial or practical sense.  

I’m sure there will be a bike or two in our future and we both have family and friends who have loaners if we need a “fix”.  

Dave’s also been talking with a fellow who installs solar panels & is planning on installing some so we’re less dependent on batteries and the generator while traveling or at the mercy of a parking place with hookups.

Three months to accomplish all this seems like plenty of time doesn’t it?  NOT the way time is flying!  

I think I’ll go eat some chocolate now and think about it all later……….


  1. Well, we understand that the change you are about to make may be bitter sweet but must say that we think you will LOVE the passenger seat!!! And, Dave will love having you there!!! As you may recall, we drove separately before switching to a motorhome a year ago... our life since has been more simple and enjoyable, and we have no regrets! Good luck getting things in order so you can truly enjoy your travels! And, know you had previously mentioned about possibly seeing us in WY this summer... made us smile to see our names on your itinerary! Looking forward to seeing you at Catalina next month, so will be in touch later and come up with a time that is convenient for you both. Much to visit and share about! Be well! D & T

  2. Can't wait to see you both!!!