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desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Do Christmas

And here we are again.
Another year is ending.
Another year begins.

Last year I blogged about my childhood “One Gift Christmas”. 
This morning (as of most times of late) I again struggled on a topic for a Christmas blog. 
So I took my mind in the opposite direction of last year’s blog and asked myself, “What Christmas Past were you the most disappointed with?”

And here’s what came……

It must have been a good year financially because I remember plentiful gifts.  I was still of the age where toys trumped clothes and/or new flannel pajamas.  For the life of me I can’t remember what any of the gifts were … except for 2.  

2 dolls.

I don’t think I had a doll.  Perhaps a rag doll but not a true dress her up, eyes opened and shut, pee in her pants type doll.

The 1st doll I received that Christmas was from my Mom’s parents.  The doll had short curly hair, baby blue eyes with long, long eyelashes, a girly pink dress with blue ribbons and bows, matching shoes and cap, complete with a bottle that magically emptied when held upside down.  AND if you fed her real water through the tiny hole in her mouth, she wet her gauze diaper.  

I was pleased because I finally had the type of doll all my other girlfriends had.

But part of me was feeling “is this all” because I wasn’t jump-up-and-down-YIPPEE joyful.  

But being the polite child I was, I sincerely thanked Grandpa and Grandma for the doll and I’m sure went outside to play in the chicken coop or the barn, likely engaging in an activity that got me dirty and was extremely unbecoming for the mother of a new baby doll. 

THEN, we journey over the river and through the woods to the other side of the family, Dad’s parents.
AND…..guess what they gave me for Christmas.
Yep, a doll.

She had long brown hair, in a ponytail.  A bit more athletic looking than the other but in the usual girly dress (but this one was red and white), brown eyes, long eyelashes that touched her cheeks when her eyes were closed and she was packed in a shoe box.  

As my Grandparents eagerly watched me unwrap their gift, I’m sure they were anticipating my complete and utter joy at receiving my 1st “real doll” but upon seeing what the shoebox held I distinctly remember looking at her and uttering, “Oh, a doll.”  I dutifully thanked them both, put the lid back on the box, set it aside and walked away.  Likely to drink an unrestricted amount of “pop”, which was allowed at this particular Grandparents house, and participate in belching contests outside with my cousins.  

I wasn’t scolded for my behavior, at the time but probably got an earful when we got home.  Gratitude was a non-negotiable behavior in our home. 

So, I was asking myself this morning why in the heck do you suppose I felt that way about those dolls?  Why in heavens name would a girl-child who received not one but TWO dolls for Christmas (in the 1950’s no less) feel like she got coal in her stocking, not once but twice!!!?  

What immediately came to my mind was this…..

I’m more of an “I Do” kind of girl and what the holy heck do you do with a doll that only opens and closes her eyes and pees her pants????  

Give me a bicycle that I can play Speed Racer Of The World with.
Give me a BB gun that I can shoot beer bottles with and watch ‘em shatter.
Give me a sled that can glide down mountains of snow like a jet engine powered motor boat.
Give me a bow and arrow so I can hunt wild game, wear feathers in my hair, paint my face and hoot and holler at the top of my lungs.
Give me a puppy to explore the pastures, alfalfa and corn fields with.
Give me a telescope to watch the stars and planets with and endlessly search for UFO’s that may be searching for ME.
Give me a microscope to discover new squiggly worlds with that are otherwise invisible to the human eye.

But for goodness sake don’t give me a doll or a tea set or kid-sized pots and pans!  

Not much has changed….

 I’m still trading in what 60-year-old ladies “should” like for an “I Do” lifestyle.

The “I Do” factor still trumps the matching china, Rachael Ray cooking sets, latest and greatest chopper, slicer, blender, juicers. 

Give me the good health and stamina to hike that mountain, ride that Harley, pack up and move down the road a bit further, a bit longer.
Give me more “I Do” experiences than there are stars in the sky!
And when I’ve used all my “I Do” moments up ….
I can say

Wow!  Now that was livin’!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all and may all your Life Moments be bright and just right for YOU!

P.S.  I still have the short haired doll, in her original dress and matching cap.

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