desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, November 3, 2014

We The People

We have come full circle.
Home is now Congress, Arizona in a quiet desert RV Park.  

The same park we came to as virgin full-time RVers in December of 2012. 
The same park we launched our Summer of 2014 Gypsy Tour from in June of 2014.  

Most RV blogs are about the physical aspects of RV’ing.   
The ‘how-tos’ and ‘go to’ parts.
As those of you who read my blogs know I’m not so much about that. 
My blogs touch on the gut emotion of it all.   
The ‘why’ that drives us instead of the make, model and year of the RV we live in.

I’ve struggled with how to properly communicate what we’ve experienced in the last 5 months.   
As I sit here looking out the window as the setting sun washes over Yarnell Hill, the very location where 19 young Granite Mountain Hotshots lost their lives in the summer of 2013, I know now what I want to say.  

It’s not about the places we’ve been.
It’s not about the scenery or the sunrises or sunsets.
It’s not about the miles traveled, price of diesel fuel or inconvenient repairs along the way.
It’s all, 100%, about the people. 

The people we’ve met. 
The people we’ve had one conversation with but that conversation will stay with us forever.  
The 60, 70, 80 and 90+ year-olds who live each and every day with humility, dignity and with an intent and energy that would put a 20-year old to shame.  

You see, they are teachers of the most valuable kind. 
Examples of LIVING a life that’s being True to Self.   
An authentic life.
A timeless and mostly silent breed that come and go as they please, leaving no trace of themselves other than a wisp of kind energies that cling to the air for a short time after their departure.
Being who they know they are, not what others think they should be.
Stretching dollars and cherishing quality time.  
Being True to Self and knowing it’s all good.

We’ve shared conversations, meals and cocktails with many of these outstanding folks. 
Some call ‘home’ a million dollar motorhome, some call ‘home’ a tent given to them by a local clergyman.   
The dressings are different but the Souls are the same.  

And then there are those we’ve known for a lifetime.   
Family and friends scattered here and there.   
Those who know our individual histories and refuse to abandon us no matter how far or how long we roam.  

I still marvel at their loyalty and my gratitude seems so inadequate for such a priceless gift.

So, the journey has been magnificent
The company has been sublime
But it’s ‘We The People’ that make it worthwhile
Each and every time

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