desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, October 3, 2014

Out There Somewhere

I’ve been waiting for inspiration to hit so I could do justice to a blog reflecting our summer travels.  

Ya know something brilliant and inspirational.  But NO!  It ain’t happening!

Writer’s block has prevailed.  

I mentioned in a previous blog that there aren’t words for what I’d seen and felt along the way and I think that is part of it.  

But I also think a major contributor was the fact that some things are just meant to be ‘done’ and not just read about.

This summer was one of those things. 

So as I sit here, back in ‘home base’ Arizona, part of me struggles with the fact that I can’t find words to match the emotions and part of me knows to just let it be.  

After all it’s such a personal journey.  

Perhaps someday the words I’m seeking will come flooding through but for now they are still ‘out there somewhere’ … as it should be.  

So I offer you a blog short on words but long on images that undoubtedly say it better than words anyway.

AND……. We have 7 months to go before we begin our volunteer commitment in Garrison, Montana May 1st, 2015.

So if I’m speechless now …. Imagine the silences to come! 

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