desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, August 15, 2014

Serendipity Rules

Where the hell does time go????!!!!!

And what a time it’s been!

Ya know how some things you just have to live through cuz there just aren’t words to accurately describe what you want to say?  Well it’s been a summer like THAT.  If I was born to do anything it is exactly what I’ve been doing, balancing everyday ho-hum “have-tos” with brand new sights, sounds, smells, acquaintances and adventures.   

My Best Summer EVER.

I’m just going to hit the high spots.  That’s the best I can do. 

First of all, as most of you know our ‘plan’ (ha, ha, ha …. that’s such a funny word!) was to return to Catalina State Park and volunteer thru the winter, like last winter.  Ha!  Let me repeat that… HA! 

A series of events, some on our end and some not, redirected that ‘plan’.

We will not be returning to Catalina State Park for the 2014-2015 season.

A decision was made to continue to be RV travelers through the southwest this winter and seek out a 2015 summer volunteer position.  Resumes were fine-tuned & re-posted on the Workamper website. 

In  the meantime, to save on fuel $$$ and because we both felt the need to just ‘be still’ for a spell Dave picked a campground off the internet that had good reviews, a good monthly rate with full hook-ups and centrally located to the places we wanted to see in Montana.  We came, set up and settled in for a month.   

Then the fun serendipitous moments began……

The gentleman who checked us in has a winter home in Congress, AZ in a park we stay in often AND another couple who was staying here also has a home there and he’s the President of the beautification committee … the group responsible for making and keeping the park and their cactus garden I’ve walked through many time so pristine!  Invites to visit them were extended and we will. 

One afternoon a gentleman knocked on our door and was curious about our motorhome.  Dave graciously gave him an outdoor ‘tour’.  His name is Tom and he’s one of the Osmond brothers…ya know the Donny and Marie kind of Osmond brother.  He’s the 2nd oldest and both he and his oldest brother were born with a hearing impairment.  He communicates very well reads lips like a pro has a magnificent sense of humor and a heart of gold.  He’s a friend of the campground owner and a regular in the summer months.  Back in his Utah home he’s a U.S. Postal worker.  Last night on a return visit he stopped by to take our pictures, exchange phone numbers and email addresses.   

By this time we’re likin’ this place.  Feels a lot like ‘home’ and we’re glad we’re staying a month.

THEN, the owner stops by late one afternoon and asks if we’d be interesting in being volunteers next summer.  Shucks, who had to think too long about that? 

We tell him we’d be happy to return next summer as volunteers and remove our resumes from the Workamper website.

THEN, the owner asks Dave if he’d be willing to step in and work a few days the following week cuz he’s going to be short a volunteer during the county fair in exchange for staying an extra week.  Shucks, who had to think too long about that?

And so it’s been…

One door closes and another opens.

A ‘plan’ is just a four-letter-word, nothing more, nothing less.

The ebb and flow of life never ceases to amaze me.  

I am humbled by those who just step into our lives when we least expect it and it seems as though they’ve always been there.

There are no words.

There simply are no words……

So I shall just be silent (Dave says YAY!  ;-) and let the power of ‘what is’ just keep working its magic. 

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