desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bring On 2015

Our Southern California visit is winding down to its final days.

Heading back to the Arizona desert Tuesday.

It’s been 3 months of marvelous new scenery and revisiting familiar territory. 
Holiday time with friends, new and old, (as in previous – NOT old as in age) and catching up with family and friends in Dave’s old stompin’ grounds. 
I even snuck in a visit with daughter Jenn as she treated me to a night in San Diego and seats to the Holiday Bowl.

Most of our time since November has been spent boondocking and we’ve become accustomed to rationing water use, electricity consumption and our solar panels have become our best friends on sunny days.  Downloading books onto our tablets and making use of RV park book exchanges has replaced watching the energy hungry TV.  

Landscapes have been as varied as the weather ranging from open expanses of sandy desert and rough boulder strewn mountains for as far as the eyes can see to citrus groves, palm trees, massive fields of commercially grown veggies, lush green rolling hills and snow capped peaks.  

The weather has been warm enough to bring sweat to our brows and cold enough to dust our windshields with frost.  

If variety scares you, this lifestyle is NOT for you!  

Our faithful, and extremely spoiled, doggie companion Willy enjoys the leash-less lifestyle boondocking allows and playtime with other pooches along the way.  He celebrated his 15th birthday Jan. 1st and even though he’s taking supplements to help relieve the pain of his aging joints it doesn’t stop him from chasing cats like he’s a youngster and then limping around for days afterwards.

It’s a trait those of us with young Spirits can relate to!  

And no visit would be complete without a costly repair or two. 
The 11 year old Hydro-Hot system which is used to supply us with hot water and heat needed a rebuild which is a big OUCH to the pocketbook but the mobile RV service tech Dave found on-line was a pro certified to fix our system.  Rebuilt it the same day, on site so we didn’t have to move the beast to a repair facility, didn’t charge any more to “come to us” and now we have a good as new Hydro-Hot.  Such is life on the road.  

Future plans stretch thru February 16th beginning with a few luxurious RV park days in Quartzsite followed by boondocking north of Quartzsite until February 11th then on to Catalina State Park north of Tucson.  This was our home from Oct. 2013 – April 2014 when we were in-park volunteers and we’re looking forward to spending time with those we volunteered with last season and fellow full-timer friends Tom & Dianne!  Dave’s birthday is Febr. 12th so we may be able to squeeze in a birthday party too!  

We both love this area and are looking forward to coming back to one of our past volunteer “homes.”

So, that’s that.

It’s likely we’ll hang out in Southern AZ until the weather begins to warm up and then creep back Prescott way before beginning our trek to our summer home in Montana where we’ll be RV park volunteers again May – Sept.

As we begin our 3rd year as full-timers it’s totally frickin’ unbelievable that so much time has passed!!!!  

If memories were $$$$ we’d be ga-zillionares, but alas, it ain’t so.  

But our priceless life experiences bucket runneth over … and over …
and over.  

And it ain’t over yet.  

We’ll have to get a bigger bucket!


  1. So where in MT to you volunteer? I've been thru there twice this past year. I would have stopped to visit if I had know. Love reading your blog too. Next winter, will probably meet you down in Tucson area...

    1. Spell checker is lousy tonight. ;-)

  2. Hey Melinda, just saw your comment! We're volunteering at a private park outside Garrison, MT that's about 75 miles east of Missoula. Would love to meet up sometime!

  3. If I head East, will aim for Garrison area to stop and say Hello! Will give you a heads up if I do, otherwise, see you around next winter.