desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Friday, February 20, 2015

Re-invention - Mother of Survival

You know you’re living a charmed life when it gets below 70 degrees in January/February and you’re reaching for an extra sweatshirt!

For someone who hasn’t enjoyed the cold and snow of winter since her 10th or 11th birthday, roaming the desert in the winter is truly a heaven on earth.  Combine that with the fact that Arizona (my WARM home of choice for going on 19 years) has literally tens of thousands of square miles of desert where cold-blooded, sunshine lovin’ folks like me can settle in, set up the lounge chairs and bask in the glorious warmth.

It’s amazing how good an aging body, that is slowly acquiring quirky aches and pains, can feel when it’s toasty to the bone!

Since leaving California and coming back “home” to Arizona we have been able to catch up with a whole mess of friends!  Yay us!!  

Catalina State Park, north of Tucson, was our home for 5 VERY FAST nights filled to the brim with swapping stories and consuming large amounts of food and drink with last winter’s fellow volunteers and dear friends who traveled from Prescott. 

Didn’t get to touch base with several I hoped to, but there’s always the next time around!

Parked in an RV park in Benson for now taking advantage of a $50 a week rate for newbies who have not stayed before. 
Again, YAY us!  

It’s a charming community of short termers like us and long-term leased sites offering full hook-ups, spotless clubhouse complete with library, fitness center, game room, NICE laundry room and more activities than you can count.  Even though we’re not the social/activity oriented types it draws the friendly type of folks you like to hang out with when the urge to be social comes along.

Friends Tom & Dianne just happen to be here also and that’s a double bonus!  We had to decline a happy hour invite from them earlier in the week because of an unplanned funky work schedule on my part, but we WILL spend some quality time together before we head out.  AND we may just tack an extra week onto our stay just cuz we can.  

We took a quick road trip to Bisbee, AZ a few days ago and WOW!!!!  Love, Love, Loved it!!  Can’t believe I’ve never been to this funky crazy little town!  Totally exceeded my expectations and a day trip is in the near future to do some serious exploring of this throw back in time Mecca.  

Finding unexpected gems in the middle of literally nowhere is SO Friggin’ Cool and other than the staying warm thing, my favorite part of being a gypsy!

Perhaps the reason I’m drawn to born again old towns is because I’m a firm believer in re-invention being the Mother of survival, even when all the odds are against you.  

It’s something we have in common.  (smile & wink)


  1. Always enjoy reading your updates! Yes, we must get in some time together soon! It's nice just knowing you're in the same neighborhood and saying hello occadionally. Glad you are enjoying it here :)

  2. Love being neighbors where ever that may be!!!

  3. Hi guys!! How have the travels been? Are you about settled in for your gig?? I'm sure we will be bumping into you sometime in July I think.

  4. Heading to the new gig now! Look forward to seeing yu!