desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wheels Are Rolling – Summer’s At Our Heels

Yee-Haw and Giddy-Up our year of travel is coming to an end but a summer of green grass, mountain fed, trout filled Montana rivers are in our future! Yay us! 

Since my last long-lost blog we hunkered down a few days in North Ranch RV Park in Congress, AZ so Dave could scrub down the motor home and shake off a few layers of desert dust.  As usual we enjoyed this community of fellow RV’ers and desert dwellers.  Good, friendly accommodating folks who make you feel welcome. 

Then we trudged up the mountains to Prescott for a spell.  For those of you we were able to hook up with, sure enjoyed the time together!!  For those of you we missed, meet ya the next time around! 

It’s always good to come “home” and reconnect but after about 3 – 4 weeks the feet get itchy and our heads begin spinning like a compass gone haywire.  The road calls and we have a volunteer gig waiting in Montana beginning May 1st. 

After a quick oil change at a friend’s house (THANKS Dale & Mel!) it’s pedal to the medal and adios Arizona, destination Lake Mead, Nevada. 

Here we are in the desert again enjoying 80 degree weather, 360 degree views of mountains, lake and sky that come together seamlessly and wrap around us like a comfy quilt on a cool winter’s night. 

There’s something about the desert that gets stuck in my craw and works its way into my Being like nothing else.  Perhaps it’s the sparseness of it all.  No place to hide.  Everything is right out in the open.  What you see is what you get….period.  I guess I like life, and people, that way too.  Don’t have the patience to peel back the layers and play guessing games.  Just give it to me straight up without any nonsense to muck it up. 

We’re in an area called Government Wash, which at one time was a boat ramp and boondocking site but since the lake is so low the boat ramp is roughly a mile from water and closed so only campers like ourselves dot the landscape.  We snagged a spot in the massive parking lot since we really didn’t want to bounce our RV Beast down the rough, rocky road that puts you closer to the water.  Since the parking lot was designed for boat trailer parking and the ramp is closed, it’s been empty since we got here and I expect will stay that way.  Other then fellow RV’ers going to their rigs and those with small fishing boats who can still maneuver down rough dirt roads to the water, it’s a quiet empty space with great views! 

Not sure how long we’re here for.  Depends on weather in the north country we’re heading to and how soon our waste water tanks fill up. 

An added bonus to being here is that daughter Jenn is 20 minutes away so she surprised us with a visit yesterday and she’s returning today for a BBQ lunch and hangin’ out time. 

You’d never know the glitz and glitter of Las Vegas is just over the hill! 

We certainly live in a land of contrasts! 

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