desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Strawberry Dreams & Rhubarb Pie

Home Sweet Summer Home

We've settled into what will become our Summer Lives in Montana.  

Arrived on Wednesday April, 29th and on Saturday we had visitors already!  It was a quick one night reunion with former fellow work camper volunteer Cecil and his wife Judy.  What great people and we truly enjoyed their quick visit!  They rolled out Sunday morning and Tom and Dianne rolled in!  Several tasty dinners, decadent desserts and hours of visiting followed before they too hit the road Wednesday morning. 

In just the last week, trees have begun to explode into an infant leafy splendor.
Snow still caps the mountains around us.

Winter is stubborn and early morning temps still hover at freezing.

Sunshine prevails throughout most days and as the air warms the Land applauds! Dandelions smile, woodpeckers peck, geese honk, fish jump and the Seasons cycle.

Bernie & Sharon’s Riverside RV Park is just that, alongside the Little Blackfoot River and just beyond its boundaries it joins the Clark Fork River.  Dave has already pulled some hardy trout from the mad rush of early spring waters. 

Little Blackfoot River

The area is rich in history and varied cultures including Mennonites and the Amish.  I confess I do not know the differences between the two but for some reason it’s comforting to see them in their traditional dress going about their daily lives.  For instance, yesterday a young woman, in her “plain” clothing was setting up a display of hanging flower baskets to sell at a busy Deer Lodge intersection.  Perhaps when evening temps lean more towards the above freezing mark I’ll get one for myself.

The owner of the RV park is battling terminal cancer which is sad but it’s also a good lesson in human Spirit as family, friends and our team of summer volunteers attempt to pick up the slack left by his absence.  He’s a hands-on workaholic and I’m fairly certain his physical inability to “do it all” around the park frustrates him more than his illness.  

Backyard Made For Relaxin'

The park is a massive expanse of green grass, old cottonwood trees, several kid’s playgrounds and a “bone yard” that serves as a testimony and final resting place for long retired trucks, golf carts, signs, a few RV’s and an eclectic array of aging treasures.  Dave has raided the “retired” golf carts numerous times hoping to scavenge parts since he’s been appointed Maintenance King and Head Golf Cart Fixer. 

Willy is perfecting his “green grass roll” and totally enjoys the cool sweetness of grass after a winter of desert rocks, cactus, dirt and stickers!  He too is beginning to feel the pains of age in his joints but thanks to a cocktail of natural doggie supplements is feelin’ chipper and attempted to chase down a goose flying overhead this morning.  The will is still there even if the body says otherwise! I can identify.

And me?

I am also enjoying the green expanse of Montana plains we’re parked on but yearn for the warmer days of summer.  I am such a spoiled warm weather wench.  The rushing rock bottom rivers and streams always take my breath away and I must say the sky IS bigger here!   It truly is God’s Country and I’m so very grateful to be a part of it once again.  

August 2014

So you ask…where does this blog’s title of “Strawberry Dreams and Rhubarb Pie” come from? 

I have my eye on a couple of hills of rhubarb a few short steps from our site and I know the park owner has a strawberry patch I may be able to visit from time to time. 

And…I liked the title! 

That’s All Folks!

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