desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Thursday, May 14, 2015

To Tell or Not To Tell....

Some moments are worth re-telling, some aren’t.

I debated on the re-telling of this morning’s “experience” simply because it’s something most people would smile at but not take the thought process beyond that.

That’s where I and “most people” part ways. 

I believe we’re given messages all the time from whatever Power you believe in, or don’t believe in, whatever the case may be.  I also believe we are not alone.  We are watched constantly and given guidance but most of the time we’re too focused on our humanness and less in tune with any space beyond that. 

Our bad.

My morning began as most do, around 5ish-6ish, shades are drawn with light peeking through the cracks.  Willy is awake but not restless yet and it’s “my” time to push the coffeemaker into action, bump up the heater thermostat, fire up my computer and log some work hours before the day overtakes me. 

However this morning my first move of the day was directly to the bathroom to do what we do in the morning before we begin our day, pee.

While seated on the throne I open the blinds covering the bathroom window (of course it’s within reach …. small RV spaces allow most tasks to be within arm’s reach) to see how much blue sky was out there.

I’m greeted with the sight of a fully grown, extremely healthy looking doe approximately 50 feet away, looking directly into my eyes, gracefully squatted and peeing.

Now I’ve had some Ah-Ha moments in my life but this was a definite double-take Ah-Ha moment!
Is this what’s called “being one with nature????” 

I’m sure there is a doe out there today telling her version of this story, about her experience this morning with a person giving her a “human in the headlights” look while she was relieving herself. 

Unfortunately I was too taken aback by this sequence of events to get my camera and/or phone to snap evidence of this moment but the picture will live forever in my mind and undoubtedly bring many hours of thoughtful contemplation. 

Perhaps it’s a message to not take myself, or my day, so seriously, to take time to smell the roses and stuff like that.
Perhaps it’s a reminder that sometimes it’s the most mundane, necessary acts that bind us all to a much larger consciousness. 

And perhaps it was two females needing to pee at the same time, in approximately the same place.

At least we use different facilities and there wasn’t’ a line….

Ain’t life fascinating!! 


  1. Priceless! Reminders to be open to experiencing life comes in many forms...sometimes it really is the little things. Thanks for sharing your morning story :)