desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Monday, July 6, 2015

Ants In My Pants!

Ok, it’s been almost 10 weeks since we pulled into this volunteer gig.  

We’ve got approximately 9 more to go.  

I’m getting the “Wanna get movin’ down the road itchin’ bitchin’ heebie jeebies” already!

Willy waiting for company in Crown King, AZ

Don’t misunderstand, it’s been marvelous to sit still, have a FREE space and utilities surrounded by huge cottonwood trees, lots of green grass and a trout stream 2 minutes walking distance away BUT it’s getting harder and harder to watch people leave and not be able to do the same.


I still have a “to do” list to work on while we’re stationary that includes exciting things like defrost the freezer (got that done …YAY), do a hands and knees cleaning job on the tile floors, make a laundromat trip and wash a massive winter blanket in one of those super-duper commercial-size washers AND order a new washer to replace ours that decided to die the day we arrived, April 29th to be exact!  

Near Tucson, Arizona

Dave ordered new tires for the back axle and tag of the motorhome and they should be arriving soon so we’ll be taking a trip to Helena to get those expensive buggers mounted.  (This is why we volunteer so we can afford to buy these overpriced necessities when needed)

Near Mexican Hat, Utah

We day-trip frequently and have seen some remarkable scenery, landmarks and ghost towns.

Bannack, Montana

We’ve made lifelong friends among the volunteers and even some of the locals here.
We love the mountains, rolling grassy hills, pine covered peaks & valleys and rocky bottom rivers and streams that meander aimlessly in every direction.  

Whitefish Lake State Park, Whitefish, Montana

We still have places we want to go and stay and play while parked in this summer sweet spot.  

But DANG, we’re spoiled!  

Glancing at the scenery from the windows of a Jeep ain’t the same as parkin’ your home in the midst of it all and having all those home comforts while you explore. 

Plomosa Road - Quartzsite, Arizona - Catchin' some rainbow vibes

Imagine taking your home to all the vacation spots you’ve visited instead of lugging suitcases and moving in and out of motel rooms.  Your own bed, your own towels, your own TV, all the clothes & shoes you own are with you.  Your diet doesn’t change cuz you’re “home.”  Your own coffeemaker and favorite coffee mug is always there.  Your photo albums, computer, CD’s, DVD’s, stereo system are right there!  Whether you’re in Moab, the Grand Canyon, Mission Beach, Boston Harbor or eating a Runza in Norfolk , Nebraska … your home is minutes away.

Cabela's parking lot - Sidney, Nebraska

Home is everywhere you roam and heck yeah, my life’s like that!  Yay Me!

"Poverty Flats" - near Overton, Nevada

9 weeks.

Get the list out and get ‘er done so when the time comes the slate’s blank, the road’s open, windshield’s clean and those new tires are ready to roll!

But who’s counting?  Memememememememememememememememememe!



  2. Yep Miss Amy, ya know what I'm talkin' 'bout!! ;-)))