desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Challenges and Miracles

A rainy day in the desert has prompted a long overdue blog post.

From the end of July until a few weeks ago, our schedule had not been our own.  For a couple of “schedule free” wanderers this was an exhausting and difficult transition.

But alas, it has passed and as the dust of upheaval settles we too have settled back into the routine of movin’ around when the mood arises. 
For that we are extremely grateful.

The end of July we left Montana in a rush to gather as a family at my mom’s side in Arizona after a negligent driver ran a red light and broadsided her which put her in the hospital and rehab for a month. 

After a whirlwind that only lasted a few months, but seemed like an eternity, mom miraculously healed, her home sold and she re-located back to her home of birth in Nebraska.  

It was a time filled with unimaginable challenges and unexplainable miracles.  

Now as the weather cools we again sit in the desert of Southern Arizona surrounded by the rugged mountain ranges we’ve lived around and amidst throughout the years.  Ah, home at last…..

Through it all our trusty home on wheels served not only as home but sanctuary, chapel, command center and a place to rest my weary head when all other comforts seemed to have abandoned me.  
Yet another advantage to being a full-time RVer that had never crossed my mind before this particular life modifying challenge.   

The spacious quarter acre lot we presently sit on is a pleasant change from the close quarters of an RV park and the full hook-ups are a luxury I always appreciate.  Best of all, this resort style living only requires us to pay for utilities.  We “by chance” stumbled onto this opportunity through a fellow volunteer who presently lives right behind us.  

We hope to call this home base until we leave for our summer volunteer positions in Wyoming in late April.
For now, we’re reclaiming, and rolling in, (HA) the tranquility that got lost in the shuffle for a while.
I shall wrap it around me like a superhero’s cape and hope it recharges me enough for the next round of whatever may be.  

In the meantime I shall marvel in the miracle of having legs that can walk the distance well and often.

I shall fully and deeply breathe in the scent of eucalyptus and mesquite as it drifts across the desert. 

I shall smile at the antics and frantic flurry of wings of hummingbirds at my feeder.

I shall be so lazy that my brain will become fuzzy and soft.

I shall work so diligently and so long that my brain will buzz like a caffeine drunk.

I shall say a prayer of thanks each and every evening for my daily companions (both 2 and 4-legged) whom I share my life with each and every day.

And for the 8 wheels that turn and take me hither and yon until life turns on me once again…….


  1. Good one, God bless and keep you guys safe! Cheers

  2. Well said. And don't we just love those "by chance" happenings...your winter home and your next summer home, too :) Sure glad we all met at that first Boot Camp! Hugs, D & T

  3. I love love those "by chance" life events!! So many things and so many great people have come to us through North Ranch! ;-))