desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Preppin' To Move

We’ve been still a long, long, long time.
Looking back, it was a necessary stillness. 

Mom’s car accident, that brought us back to Arizona a few months early, was just the first domino to fall in a series of unexpected tumbles.  Each “domino” held its own life-shifting change and none were especially unique.  They all were the kind each of you has stood, or will stand, face-to-face with at some time or another. 

Just Life digging through the sands of time, one pooper scooper at a time. 

Through the grace of Life, the workings of friends and the resulting miracles, we were gifted with a peaceful, beautiful quarter-acre of desert winter paradise to park, and live on, throughout it all. 

My gratitude bucket once again overflows. 

But, the dust has settled.  The temps are soaring.  Desert trees and cacti are covered in their new wardrobes of striking green leaves and near glow-in-the-dark flowers. 

Cactus garden - North Ranch Congress, AZ

North Ranch Congress, Arizona

Spring sweeps through southern Arizona like a freight train on steroids. 

And we prepare to move……

No itinerary, it will be a few weeks yet.  Weather will be our compass as we head north to Wyoming.  A week here, a few days there, all part of the ebb and flow of the RVer’s tides of change. 

Warren Bridge Campground, Daniel, Wyoming - our summer 2016 volunteer home

I’ll cry buckets of tears as we travel north this year minus our fur baby Willy but I’ll also be smiling through the tears cuz moving forward is what we do.

Besides, I like the view through the windshield much better then the one in the rear view mirror.  

Snowbird Mesa aka Poverty Flats - Overton, Nevada

I’ve written radio ads for an RV dealer for almost 16 years and in one script, a few years ago, I wrote:

“Just imagine yourself taking a front row seat, facing the window to the world, where every destination is a place you choose!”

 Yeah, that’s what it feels like…..

Warren Bridge Campground, Daniel, Wyoming - our 2016 volunteer home
Quartzsite, Arizona

There's nothing to cry about when you're living like that.....

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