desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Rest of My Story

And here we are .... passing time and enjoying the unseasonably warm 80+ degree weather in our comfy little space at North Ranch outside Congress, AZ.

Took a week off from the madness of my internet job to shake off the "data disease" being connected to the computer 10 hours a day infects me with.

Dave removed the Jeep's top, we hit some dirt back roads and put some miles on the new tires.  Blew the cobwebs out of my head and put a touch of red on my nose!  February heaven in the desert.

Plans are to head out of our winter space at North Ranch around April 1st, weather permitting, and slowly begin our trek to Daniel, Wyoming where we'll be camp hosts from around May 15th through Labor Day.

March will be spent preparing to leave and wrapping up FUN things like taxes, dentist visits, motorhome maintenance and the like.

Time slips by so quickly and is so fragile.  I try so hard to appreciate every moment of every day but so much "stuff" gets in the way.

And like I often USED to do, I sat down a few weeks ago when I was feeling powerless and reclaimed my power in a poem.

I USED TO write poetry you know? what I wrote during PAPA (Prescott Area Poets Association) Open Mic Nights.

I miss all that......

SO......Here's my power reclaiming rambling words.

They may not stop the march of time but at least I had my say!

The Rest of My Story

Time ticks
Dreams age
Forever isn’t really far
It catches us
Sneaks up on us
Steals our brightest stars

Numbers on a clock face
Scream to us of haste
Hurry up!
Don’t be late!
Time is not a thing to waste!

But time is an illusion
With no beginning
Or no end
Never meant to be measured
Held still
Or hoarded
Instead of spent
 We treat it as an enemy
Treat aging as a foe
An enemy of youthful times
When we’ve wild oats to sow

But hold it close
It’s brash and bold
A friend to forever treasure
It gifts us all with lessons
Well beyond earthy measure

For as my twilight years draw near
Calmness settles all around me
I’m done my best
I’ve walked my miles
I’ve been brave and patient and strong.
I’ve earned my keep
I’ve earned my peace
Though the journey’s been treacherous and long

For time has stood beside me
Every baby step of the way
Even as I write this
She gently leads the way
The Rest of My Story
Bring It On Bitch!   :-)

BLT 02/07/2016


  1. Oh dear timeless friend ...
    While the hands of time clap on and on...
    Enlightened by the passing sun...
    A harvest moon will light the path...
    A wildly winding labyrinth, like no bitch has ever seen...
    Love you!

  2. Ah, my partner in poetry crime! Love and Hugs to ya my friend!