desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Internet up and runnin' in Pres-Kitt. ;-)

Cleaned up, locked up and said bye-bye to our Crown King Palace by 9:30 this morning and rolled into Prescott around 1:00 P.M. Did some shopping, the fridges are stocked, new modem installed, router workin' A-OK (thanks to techNO Wizzzard Dave)and listening to the CoLd wind howling outside. Brrrr...feeling like a mountain winter evening..(missing the Crown King wood stove already) where the heck did I put that electric blanket???!!!

Shuffling the pieces of everyday life, that had been disassembled and put in hibernation mode, back into their places. Our comforting "hometown" has wrapped it's charm around us once more .... from a chat with neighbors Tom & Susie in the grocery store this afternoon and catching up with Jenn via the cell phone, to knowing Miss Amy is just 4 houses down and all is well in our shared alley world.

It's truly a blessing beyond belief that we have not only one, but TWO homes that each have their own outstanding qualities, stunning landscapes from desert to pine covered mountains and topped off with truly caring neighbors and friends.

Pull 'em all together and you get the best dose of "pick yourself up ... dust yourself off...and start all over again" medicine there is!

Bring on the rain ... I'm thirsty anyway! ;-)

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