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Only One
Only One

Monday, October 26, 2009

We’ve let the mountain magic of Crown King do its “get your poop grouped” thing and tomorrow it’s back to Prescott to get re-settled there.
1st priority on our “to do” list was to get Internet service re-installed in Prescott and get an air card for Internet access in CK since the majority of my payin’ work comes via the World-Wide-Web. I’m hitting the “free lancers for hire” websites again and will try to pull in as much work as I can that way.
Well, mission accomplished in CK (Internet in CK!!! YAY!!) & our new modem is supposed to be delivered tomorrow in Prescott. Puttin’ the pieces back together one step at a time.
Weather is supposed to take a turn for the colder tomorrow, with even a chance of snow…sure would like to get “Maggie” out for a ride before the snow flies! ;-) We shall see what happens. There’ll be nice days to come so no worries.
Today for the first time I had a “feeling” that an even greater opportunity awaits us. Obviously it wasn’t the time or place for the truck driving venture BUT it did force me to close doors that were holding me back and perhaps that was the true purpose. A good work cleansing was in order and that certainly has been the result of all this! 

Hope everybody’s Monday was a good one!

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