desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just getting’ grounded and centered for whatever comes.

There is NOTHING like simplicity, no-nonsense folks and Mother Nature to bring ya back to Self!

Those who live in the little mountain community don’t ask for, or need, much to be happy. Their challenges and troubles are not unlike those who live “off the hill” but the attitude that keeps them here is not only admirable but impressive. Passionate to preserve their “we take care of each other” lifestyle …. As well they should be. Respectful nurturing …… A do-it-yourself style on one side…and an “I need your help please” on the other side. Both common denominators to survive in a world where things others consider luxuries are few and far between.

I attended a tiny country church this morning, about a 60 second walk from Dave’s front door, prompted by an invitation from his neighbor last night, as we helped the local restaurant owner celebrate his 60th birthday. It was an evening of yummy food, Coronas, live music and lots of locals with a stray group of “valley” folks who wanted to reserve a table for 18 and were told…”the restaurant is closed but you’re welcome to join us for free food, drink and music at the owner’s birthday party”!

The tiny church has been built by local craftsmen/women as funds have allowed. There were 10 of us in attendance. A local “old timer” led the service, beginning with a selection of oldie but goody hymns like “Jesus Love Me” and “Amazing Grace”. The organist (whos husband shared with me that she is an accordion player NOT a keyboard player) patiently struggled through the hymn’s melodies as we tried to hit the right notes even if she didn’t. The sermon focused on Bible references to the virtues of “Faith”. Kool-Aid, cookies and donuts served as the Grand Finale and I must say….it was the most honest demonstration of “faith” I have ever been privileged to participate in! The expressions of “welcome”, “nice to see you” and “nice to meet you” were spoken with a true soul-satisfying sincerity that warmed my heart and soothed my recently damaged “faith” in human nature.

It was an afternoon of Dave splitting wood and my wood pile stacking skills being exercised. A movie and pork chop dinner followed. The wood stove’s lit, the AZ Cardinals just scored a touchdown and for now …. Abundant peace has graced us with its presence.

At this point, there is much I don’t know. The “whys and ifs” have run their course and now it’s all about the “what’s next”!

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