desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get Your Humor On

When I'm in a funk, feeling sorry for myself and junk.....

I can hear my Grandma's voice tellin' me ... GIRL, get your humor on! 

Now granny had every reason in the world not to be joyful.   Her life had been a tough one and dealt her many-a-hurdle but she was always quick to laugh, ready to listen and was a master storyteller and writer. 

She had this supernatural talent for whiskin' you off into a Land where troubles were chocolate kisses and disposing of them was a tasty task.  ;-)  I think of her often, feel her presence more and more as I come to an age where I came to know her best and thought of her as "old".

Lately I've had some hefty life hurdles to slug myself over.  Even though it may not be visible to all those I know and love, (or even those I don't know very well or particularly care to) it's been a time of knucklin' down to the bare bones and making decisions about how I want to spend these last years life seems to be gobbling up like a famished pride of starving lions.  I love simple, life has given me simple .... including a simple income which I'm not real comfortable with, but re-learning life-long beliefs (be it money, love, possessions or whatever) is a LONG HARD row to hoe.  I'm doing my best with that and we'll leave it at that.

Now please understand, sadness and grief are a valuable and necessary part of this thing we call living .... so cry when you need to cry, question and ask a billion times "why" and "why ME".  Feel the pain until you want to explode into a million-gazillion shards of shrapnel that bites deep into EVERYONE else's flesh, so they can know how it feels to be YOU.  But like any learning process, learn how long to sit in your crapper (hey Collins that sentence is dedicated to YOU  ;-) and when to clean up what's left behind and crawl out of your own stink!

I guess what I'm trying to get across in this blah, blah, blah blog is "simply" this....

Grams was right and I cling to her philosophy like a parka in the dead of a brutal Nebraska winter, especially now as I seem to be going through a re-birthing of sorts and here's what I've discovered so far....

If you don't have a spouse, significant other, partner or whatever label you prefer .... that makes you laugh til you cry with joy .... GET ONE!

If you don't have a friend who laughs with you til you cry with joy .... GET ONE!

If you don't have a pet that loves you unconditionally AND makes you laugh til you cry with joy ... GET ONE!

Misery Loves Company, but so does Joy.  Which one I hold hands with the majority of the time is up to me, myself and I.
(envisioning a triple dip hot fudge sundae with whipped cream here.  If that don't make ya' smile then ya' got some serious work to do!)

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  1. Amen...there is no better 'high';
    Than a laugh 'til you cry.
    Denise C.