desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Live Until You Run Out of Breath!

Today’s the day our home-on-8-wheels became someone else’s 45-foot dream come true.

Being the true Gemini I am, my feelings were mixed.

The “twin” that gets nervous when change rears its ugly head is sniffling and being sentimental but the “twin” that has itchy feet and a short attention span is doing cartwheels and dancing a jig.

Such is the inner child of a bi-polar Spirit.

I admit, I nearly shed a tear or two as the Mighty Motorhome, that was our safe haven these last 4+ years, was getting ready to roar away with a new driver behind the wheel, bound for San Antonio. God Speed and safe travels to the new owner. May your priceless memories be many and your repair bills small.

BUT, in the blink of a tear-filled eye, I was ready to face-forward and get on to the next adventure!

A couple of days to clean up the details of “movin’ on” before picking up a U-Haul Trailer Monday and hittin’ the road to Cody, WY on Tuesday.

Only the mode of transportation has changed, not the adrenaline rush junky Spirit that drives it.

Yes, we are technically homeless again, so first thing on our lengthy list is to find a house to rent.

Second, we haven’t a stick of furniture, so that will be the next order of business to tackle.

To be continued…….In the meantime, remember;

Live until you run out of breath! 

Even then, the next adventure is just on the other side of forever.

P.S.  This afternoon, after I wrote this, I learned of the passing of a former classmate and friend.  May her forever adventure be as special and loving as she was.  Godspeed my forever friend.    


  1. Such beautiful pictures and beautiful writing. I love reading this blog. I hope you continue with it. Godspeed to you and hope only the best for your next adventure!! Love your free spirit.

  2. Thank you very much Lynda! I'm so glad our paths crossed in Crown King & I'm flattered by your comments. 😊. Blessings...

  3. We made the transition 2 years ago, under similar circumstances. Wish you both the best of luck in your continuing adventures.

  4. Thanks Rich!! Hope our paths cross again someday!

  5. Best wishes to you both as you head out on your next adventure! Be well, stay safe, and have fun!!! Hugs, D & T

  6. Thanks so much! You two have a safe trip to Warren Bridge also! Hope you have an awesome summer!