desert sunrise

desert sunrise
desert sunrise

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Gratitude and Grace

Gratitude is a glass-half-full kind of attitude.

It wraps itself around you and brings other positive “friends” like contentment, a balanced Spirit and loving acceptance.

Yes, Gratitude is a companion I can count on again, and again, and again.

And then there is Grace.

Grace doesn’t come to me as easily.

I stumble along and kick poor Grace in the face often.

She (yes, I’m giving this behavior a female energy) nips at my heels like an attention starved puppy and never lets me forget she’s always present, but I still stumble and kick and try to deny she’s necessary.

Poor Grace has to fight for every second of recognition she can get.
The move from Arizona to Wyoming was filled with many grateful moments and Grace even found her way into the process a time or two.

I believe the time has come to get better acquainted with Grace and perhaps carry her beside me rather than kick her to the curb.

I did hold Grace very closely the day before we left Arizona when I received an email from my 7-year Internet Assessor job employer saying how valuable I had been the last 7years because of my exceptional level of high quality work, but because of circumstances beyond their control, my services were no long needed, my employment would end March 31st, and of course, they wished me luck in whatever future path I decided to take.

Well shit!!! Homeless AND unemployed was not in my plan.

On our way to Wyoming, I received a conference phone call from them, all the way from Dublin, Ireland where the company Internet Assessor head quarters is located, and again they expressed their regret, appreciation for my outstanding work and I was informed of a small bonus I’d be given in addition to my last monthly paycheck.
I was VERY Graceful and thanked them for 7 good years and even praised them for the improvements made to the program over those years. I think they expected an angry, confused, combative response and receiving just the opposite left them a bit speechless.

I rather enjoyed that part.

Funny how Grace takes away the defensive sparing matches situations like this often become.
So our adventure began…

To come would be a 10-day stay at a friendly but so-so motel, the disappointment of having the home we wanted to rent being taken already (or so it seemed) and the available rentals in Cody, WY were few, far between and the outlook was rather dismal.

After a disappointing day of looking at 1 rental, a throwback to the 70’s that smelled like old memories gone rancid, we scheduled a showing of a guesthouse that wasn’t really what we were looking for but it was out of town a few miles, the price was right, it was furnished and utilities were included in the rent.

Then came “the” phone call informing us that the person who had been approved to rent the home we had our hearts set on couldn’t come up with the security deposit for another week and technically it was still open for other applications. In other words, whomever came up with the security $$$ first, won!

The rest is history and here we are.

Did approaching what seemed like a troublesome job loss with Grace bring this “gift” to us?
Hmmmm… perhaps, perhaps not.

Certainly food for thought though.

Regardless, my gratitude cup runneth over and I'm trying very hard to keep Grace within arm's reach as we carry on in this new journey.

If you follow numerology you know it's a "1" year, which means it's a time when things that no longer serve you will come to an end, leaving the door open for new opportunities that will.

all I've got to say about that is....
the door's open, so come on positive opportunities!  I've left the fire burnin' for ya!


  1. Exciting adventures, and good to read of what's been happening for you two! We were sad to say goodbye to Nell three weeks ago. You know the difficulty of that decision, and understood the loss we are feeling. Life goes on. We are now packing up our rig to head out soon, arriving at WBC in a month. Will celebrate all that is good! Take care. Hugs to you both!

  2. So very, very sorry about Nell. My heart breaks for you both. Our pets are indeed special Spirits that bring so much unconditional love into our lives. Even though we feel his presence daily, the hole left in our lives since Willy crossed over is bottomless. Love & hugs and sending prayers for a safe journey to WBC.